Tyhjiö (2018)

Aleksi Salmenperä (Bad Family 2010; Distractions 2015; The Mine, HIFF 2016) can, in good conscience, be considered an important or even the most important Finnish filmmaker of the ongoing decade. He can now also be thought of, if only for a fleeting moment, as Finland’s Charlie Kaufman – whether he so wishes or not.

Salmenperä’s latest film, Void, is a discreetly scornful portrait of being a Finnish artist, being a Finnish celebrity artist and being a Finnish male or female artist. Tommi Korpela plays Eero, a successful writer with writer’s block, who stares through his glasses in a Jonathan Franzenesque manner. Laura Birn is Pihla, who is at first beckoned by shady foreign films and later Hollywood’s orb of effects and bubble of dreams.

Both of them have visions of what art should be, but gender issues inevitably get in the way. Eero is far too deep to do anything other than churn about in himself. All of a sudden Pihla has a child.

Void is a work of fiction that sways and swings its own made up world, the worlds within its world and the details, the covers of magazines, the cameo roles of our own reality over each other, across each other and back again. Nothing seems random and the fact the film was made without backing from The Finnish Film Foundation could just be another obscure twist of the plot.

Translation: Mikko Raatikainen

Production team will be present at the screening on 20 September at Bio Rex at 20.30.

  • Orig. title:
  • Language: English, Finnish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: B-Plan Distribution
  • Cinematography: Pietari Peltola, Peter Flinckenberg, Heikki Färm
  • Editing: Samu Heikkilä