The Punk Voyage (2017)

In December 2016, a remarkable chapter in music history was closed: the Finnish punk rock band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) retired. Punk Voyage is a feature length documentary film about the last years of the band, with all the ups and downs included.

After becoming celebrities in Finland, this incredible quartet continued to conquer new fans around the world. During its seven-year run, PKN played nearly 300 gigs in 16 countries. In 2015, the band was selected to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest, where they played for more than 100 million television spectators.

However, the busy traveling schedule and success created a lot of pressure within the band: Kari struggled with the temptations and responsibilities brought along by publicity; Sami extended his territory into politics and religion; Toni’s and roadie Niila’s crush on the same girl caused conflicts; and Pertti, tired of all this, decided to retire.

Punk Voyage is a film about being true to oneself, making hard decisions and moving on in life. After seeing the film, Pertti commented, »I give this film the full ten points,» and Toni said, »In the film, it’s funny when Kalle and Teukka ask what happened to Toni. And nothing had happened to me.»

Production notes

  • Orig. title:
  • Country: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
  • Language: Finnish
  • Duration: 100 min
  • Subtitles: English
  • Age limit: K7
  • Distribution: B-Plan Distribution
  • Print source: B-Plan Distribution


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