The Little Prince (2015)

Director Mark Osborne’s The Little Prince turns out to be a respectful, lovingly reimagined take on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic 1943 tale, which adds all manner of narrative bells and whistles to the author’s slender, lyrical story of friendship between a pilot and a mysterious extraterrestrial voyager, but stays true to its timeless depiction of childhood wonderment at odds with grown-up disillusionment.

Scott Foundas, Variety

Osborne’s big stylistic move is to animate the “present” in big-eyed CG – very much in the contemporary manner – and then, when diving into the old man’s increasingly elaborate storytelling, to switch to a very beautiful rustling-paper stop motion technique. It’s a very effective, and very easy on the eye, method of demarcating the two: the former is all muted monochrome, clean lines and razor-sharp focus, while the latter has a highly-coloured sketchiness and crinkle-edged texture that accurately distils the original’s design qualities.

Andrew Pulver, The Guardian

  • Orig. title: Le Petit Prince
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Finnish
  • Distribution: Cinema Mondo
  • Editing: Carole Kravetz Aykanian, Matt Landon
  • Music: Richard Harvey, Hans Zimmer
  • Sound: Tim Nielsen, Heikki Kossi
  • Production design: Celine Desrumaux, Lou Romano