The Last Relic (1969)

“How many times must I kill the same man?” The Last Relic, a film dubbed by critics as “the only Estonian cult movie”, is more than deserving of such a title. The Last Relic is the relic of Estonian cinema, a valuable object that’s somehow survived the ages […].

Agnes [Ingrīda Andriņa] is to be married to a nobleman, peasants revolt, adventurer Gabriel [Aleksandr Goloborodko] must save Agnes from the uprising, Agnes is recaptured and again forced to be wed, Gabriel must again rescue her.
[The film has a] distinctly modern shooting style. I loved the attention to what was in the background, the way the camera would glide, keeping what is close up in frame, but revealing something dramatic behind. It’s the cinematic equivalent to theatrics, large scale overly dramatic sweeping camera movements added to the grand scale of the films visuals.

The Last Relic is easily the most celebrated film of Grigori Kromanov, who you might call the grandfather of Estonian cinema. [An] absolute must watch for anyone interested in Eastern European cinema.

David Pearce, Letterboxd

  • Orig. title: Viimne reliikvia
  • Language: Estonian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Estonian Film Institute
  • Cinematography: Jüri Garšnek
  • Editing: Virve Laev