The Heart (2017)

The heart wants what it wants, but does not get – this is the premise of Swedish actress-director Fanni Metelius’s debut The Heart, about a young photographer Mika and her musician boyfriend Tesfay who are madly in love, yet cannot seem to make their relationship work. […] While The Heart treads familiar ground, Metelius’s directorial vision is assured and the film’s packaging trendy. The net result is an engaging portrait of a modern-day Swedish relationship, whilst carrying some strong messages about female sexuality and independence.

[…] The Heart chronicles the progressive development of the romantic relationship between Mika (starring Metelius herself) and Tesfay (Ahmed Berhan): from hanging out together as classmates in art school, to casual dating, to moving in together in Stockholm and the subsequent giddy honeymoon phase. But the cracks begin to emerge when Tesfay spends more time playing video games on a couch than he does talking to his girlfriend, and Mika begins missing the spontaneity she experienced in singlehood – though the main issue that drives them apart is simply a lack of sex.

Alongside catchy club music anthems and hip hop remixes […], the stylish cinematography recreates the heady days of youth, where one could still dance till dawn with reckless abandon. […] The Heart is sure to resonate with millennials all too familiar with the vicissitudes of love and heartbreak […].

Paige Lim, Screen Anarchy

  • Orig. title: Hjärtat
  • Language: Swedish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: m-appeal
  • Cinematography: Maja Dennhag
  • Editing: Fanni Metelius