The Green Knight (2021)

Equal parts folk, prog rock and metal, The Green Knight takes place at the inflection point when one version of the old world was supplanted by the next. In David Lowery’s liberty-taking interpretation of the character’s 14th-century origin poem, the headstrong yet not-quite-valiant Sir Gawain (Dev Patel, superb) traverses an England caught between the mystical pagan religions and the nascent Christianity soon to change the face of the nation.

Charles Bramesco, The Guardian

Lowery fills The Green Knight with such astounding visions (…) Moments of visual poetry, using images in the place of lyrical language, evoke a realm of magic and of living fantasy that make the world of Gawain alluring, enticing, bewitching, seductive, inspiring. Yet that world comes off as no mere fantasy but as a synecdoche of the world of our own, here and now. 

Richard Brody, The New Yorker

  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Swedish, Finnish
  • Distribution: Finnkino
  • Cinematography: Andrew Droz Palermo
  • Editing: David Lowery
  • Music: Daniel Hart
  • Sound: Johnny Marshall, Michael Semanick, Christopher Barnett, Greg J. Peterson
  • Production design: Jade Healy, Christine McDonagh, David Pink
  • Costume design: Malgosia Turzanska
  • Make-up: Sonia Dolan, Audrey Doyle, Tina Phelan, Rey Medrano, Emma Moffat, Clodagh McInerney, Corinne Clery, Sarah O'Brien