Stitches (2019)

Stitches, the second feature by Miroslav Terzić (Redemption Street), is probably the most accomplished narrative film to come out of Serbia since Srdan Golubović’s Circles (2013). Inspired by true events, and written by Elma Tataragić, Stitches is a psychological drama de luxe, with a Polanski-like thriller undercurrent.

in the tradition of Roman Polanski at his best, Terzić creates a world focused on Ana’s unreliable inner state, and her relationships with her husband and daughter, as well as her loving, but weary, sister (Vesna Trivalić in a heartbreaking turn). DoP Damjan Radovanović’s widescreen cinematography is almost always focused on the troubled, often confused, but undoubtedly intelligent heroine as she, quite indiscreetly, watches teenage boys while commuting on the tram, waiting for something… Maybe her son to magically appear.

Terzić relies on the movie’s well-defined visual style and Bogdanović’s pitch-perfect performance. This primarily theatre actress, physically reminiscent of Charlotte Rampling, portrays the difficult character with restraint and dignity, never slipping into hysterics or any other extreme emotions.

Stitches is a multi-layered psychological drama with an intriguing premise and a clear execution.

Vladan Petkovic,

  • Orig. title: Šavovi
  • Language: Serbian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Cercamon
  • Print source: Cercamon
  • Cinematography: Damjan Radovanović
  • Editing: Milena Z. Petrović
  • Music: Aleksandra Kovač
  • Sound: Julij Zornik
  • Production design: Ana Buljan