Song Without a Name (2019)

“Peruvian writer-director Melina Leon’s visually striking period piece is a Kafka-esque crime thriller inspired by real events.

Song Without a Name shares some parallels with Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-winning masterpiece Roma: both are black-and-white period pieces featuring indigenous female leads and plots that hinge on pregnancy, poverty and terrorism.”

Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

“An indigenous woman has her newborn child stolen by a fake maternity clinic in this account of real-life events in the 1980s Peru.
It’s a gripping story that in a Hollywood film would be wrapped up neatly and upliftingly. That’s not the case here, and the overall sombre effect is incidentally rather different from Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma.”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


  • Orig. title: Canción sin nombre
  • Language: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Luxbox
  • Cinematography: Inti Briones
  • Editing: Antolín Prieto, Manuel Bauer, Melina León
  • Music: Pauchi Sasaki
  • Production design: Gisella Ramírez