Sibyl (2019)

Reuniting with Virginie Efira, the lead from her 2016 sophomore breakout Victoria (aka In Bed with Victoria), director Justine Triet presents a woman with significant boundary issues in her pursuit for professional fulfillment with Sibyl. Triet deposits Efira amid a glossy cast of notable supporting actors.

Sibyl opens with a comic conversation in a restaurant wherein she’s informed by a publisher it’s an unlucrative market for novelists – she should have stuck to her initial passion instead of becoming a clinician, she’s told. Immediately, it seems to establish a tone akin to Olivier Assayas’ Non-Fiction, a loquacious comedy comprised wholly within France’s publishing industry.

Efira concocts a performance which is surprisingly grotesque during certain moments – and should she continue to work with Triet, one could see the possibility for something darker and more unhinged.

Nicholas Bell, IonCinema

  • Orig. title:
  • Language: French
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: MK2 Films
  • Print source: MK2 Films
  • Cinematography: Simon Beaufils
  • Editing: Laurent Sénéchal
  • Music:
  • Sound: Julien Sicart
  • Production design: Toma Baqueni