Shorta (2020)

Edgy Danish action thriller Shorta, directed by Frederik Louis Hviid and Anders Ølholm, unfolds in the aftermath of the killing of 19-year-old Talib Ben Hassi while in custody. The film follows two police officers, Jens and Mike, who are on routine patrol in a minority-heavy neighborhood when news of Talib’s death breaks, igniting a violent riot. Suddenly, the two officers find themselves trapped and must fight to find a way out.

The action-packed thriller, which deals with racism and police brutality in Denmark, has been compared similar to Ladj Ly’s Oscar-nominated Les Miserables (HIFF 2019).

Shorta represents a new voice for action films in Europe, and a new voice addressing the flaws of modern society.

Elsa Keslassy, Variety

  • Language: Danish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Danish Film Institute
  • Cinematography: Jacob Møller
  • Editing: Anders Albjerg Kristiansen
  • Music: Martin Dirkov
  • Sound: Morten Green
  • Production design: Gustav Pontoppidan