Short Matters! 1 

Short Matters! is the European Film Academy’s short film tour which brings the nominated short films to audiences across Europe and beyond. The programme featuring the European Short Film Nominees 2016 is a manifold panorama of young contemporary European filmmaking. The films are screened in three sets.

Total running time approx. 79 min / K16

The Wall

Samuel Lampaert
Le mur / Belgium / 2015 / 8 min

Hongkong. A multitude of concrete skyscrapers without personality. Inside, cramped studios where the anonymous live among themselves. Until the day when bachelor Chung decides to hang up a picture…

The Goodbye

Clara Roquet
El adios / Spain / 2015 / 15 min

Rosana, a Bolivian maid, has worked for Angela, the elder matriarch of the Vidal family, for the last ten years. On the day of the funeral of her beloved Angela, Rosana is not allowed to grieve with the rest of the family. On the contrary: she is forced to work.

In the Distance

Florian Grolig
Germany / 2015 / 7 min

It’s calm and peaceful above the clouds. But chaos lurks in the distance and each night it draws closer.

A Man Returned

Mahdi Fleifel
United Kingdom, Lebanon, Denmark, The Netherlands / 2015 / 30 min

Reda is 26 years old. His dreams of escaping the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain El-Helweh ended in failure after three years of being trapped in Greece. He returned with a heroin addiction to life in a camp being torn apart by internal strife and the encroachment of war from Syria. Against all odds he decides to marry his childhood sweetheart.

I’m Not from Here

Maite Alberdi, Giedrė Žickytė
Yo no soy e aquí / Chile, Denmark, Lithuania / 2015 / 26 min

An 88-year-old Basque native, Josebe, lives in a nursing home in Chile. She’s obsessed with finding out where the rest of the elder people she lives with come from. Everyone tells her that they are Chilean, not Spanish like her. Josebe insists on thinking about her youth in the Basque Country. After 70 years in Chile, she still remembers her homeland in a lively way.


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