Short Films by Rosa Liksom 

AV-arkki, the distribution centre for Finnish Media Art (est. 1989), presents short films by writer and visual artists Rosa Liksom. The first part of the screening is a retrospective of Liksom’s early 1990s shorts, made in collaboration with art collective Plastic Pony. This pop cavalcade is followed by Liksom’s recent short film, Päämies (The Big Boss), filmed in the Hanasaari Cultural Centre with the late Kalle Holmberg. The unconditional love for the 1960s and the 1970s aesthetics becomes the visual leitmotiv of the screening.

Total running time approx. 62 min / K12

Ordinary Life in Cosmic Kitchen

1990 / 7 min

Aesthetic life in the kitchen of Lepakko club.

Dyve In

1990 / 6 min

A young man in his armchair travels to China, Murmansk and Paris.

Six Feet High

1990 / 4 min

A retired archive researcher spends his lonely, melancholy days wandering around Helsinki. At the seashore, he meets a sweet Finnish woman who wears a sari and has a newborn baby. They fall in love.

Freaky Crew

1990 / 3 min

A wintery episode on a wooden bridge in Helsinki.


Cut Up Double

1991 / 4 min

A stylish woman arrives in a high-profile 1960s hair salon run by a fading Marlene Dietrich look-alike. The woman asks for a fabulous party hair-do. The hairdresser, suffering from depression, does the styling reluctantly and carelessly. When the work is done, a woman who looks like Nina Hagen rises from the chair.

La Tour Eiffel

1991 / 4 min

A news journalist reports that hundreds of French women have taken over the Eiffel Tower and are now living there. The report deals with the life of the female community in the tower.

Hindu-mama and The Plastic Academy

1992 / 4 min

A group of young, beautiful men try to entertain a princess who is bored with life. The princess is not in the least bit interested, and the men find company in each other.


1992 / 4 min

Lollipop has been made using the form of the British 1960s pop programmes: a television presenter, dressed in 1960’s attire, introduces the latest chart topper.


How to Clean Up American Style

1992 / 4 min

A frustrated house-wife with an eating disorder is washing laundry in a laundrette. In comes her stylish husband, a managing director who is totally fed up with his ugly wife. The man executes his wife with a shot in the back of the neck.


Hair Tonic for Pony

1992 / 4 min

A teenager enters the Plastic Pony shop and starts to lust after the stunning make-up on display. The sales assistant, an older woman, gets a crush on the teenager, whom she tries to pick up. The teenager does not pay any attention to the flirting woman but starts to steal the make-up. When the bag is full, the teenager escapes. Totally infatuated, the old woman follows.


2017 / 18 min

The robust 1970s charm of Hanasaari Cultural Centre, a femme fatale, President Kekkonen. These are the ingredients for a mysterious seaside rendez-vous. Rosa Liksom’s latest short film marked the last role for the late stage director Kalle Holmberg.


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