Sextape (2017)

Funny, farcical and wincing, Sextape responds to the sexual politics of the moment. [Director] Antoine Desrosières has an acute eye for the complications of emerging desire, pointedly going after the internalised hatred of young women and the ingrained misogyny of young men […].

Rim (Inas Chanti) and Yasmina (Souad Arsane) start double-dating Majid (Mehdi Dahmane) and Salim (Sidi Mejai). The sisters have a playful, intimate relationship – they share a bed – brought on by apparently strict parents and the economic constraints of a working-class neighbourhood. The boys partake in excited, juvenile, sexist banter, while their close friendship borders on homoeroticism.

The director manages a humorous tone, but we’re always aware of the pernicious mindset, the slippery slope, the pervasive culture that facilitates gendered abuse. […] This comedy about rape and revenge porn raises ethical questions. Sextape judges the malice and stupidity of young men quite accurately, as their treatment of Rim and Yasmina is processed through Islamic culture, hormonal development and a society that dehumanises and assaults women.

Joseph Owen, The Upcoming

  • Orig. title: À genoux les gars
  • Language: French
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Films Boutique
  • Cinematography: Georges Lechaptois
  • Editing: Nicolas Le Du