Parasite Black & White (2020)

“Black and white is the origin of cinema. There was a time when films were only in black and white, and even throughout the 40s and 60s when color films came into the picture, there were numerous films still in black and white.

I idealize the beautiful black and white films by Renoir, Fellini, Kurosawa, John Ford, and the beautiful cinematography of Gregg Toland. I always had this desire to create a black and white film which was shared by my cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo. I’m extremely happy to present Parasite in black and white and have it play on the big screen. It will be fascinating to see how the viewing experience changes when an identical film is presented in black and white.

(…) At times the film feels more like a fable and gives me the strange sense that I was watching a story from old times. The second time the film felt more realistic and sharp as if I was being cut by a blade. It also further highlighted the actors’ performances and seemed to revolve more around the characters. I hope everyone in the audience can compare their own experiences from the color version and find their own path to Prasite in black and white.”

Bong Joon-ho

  • Orig. title: 기생충
  • Language: English, Korean
  • Subtitles: Swedish, Finnish
  • Distribution: Future Film
  • Cinematography: Hong Kyung-pyo
  • Editing: Yang Jin-mo
  • Music: Jung Jaeil
  • Sound: Choi Tae-young
  • Production design: Lee Ha-jun