Oleg (2019)

A guy from Latvia named Oleg tries to make a living and finds a job in his profession, in a meat factory in Brussels. His non-citizen status makes it hard for him to pursue the work – he loses his job and becomes a dependent of the Polish migrant-worker mafia, thus finding himself in a deep abyss. Just when he sinks as low as one could possibly get, he gains the strength to rise above.

Introduced at the Director’s Forthnight in Cannes Oleg is a bleak depiction of a migrant worker in distress in Belgium. The drama is based on real events.

National Film Centre of Latvia

  • Orig. title: Oleg
  • Language: English, Flemish, Latvian, Polish, French, Russian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Best Friend Forever
  • Print source: Best Friend Forever
  • Cinematography: Bogumil Godfrejow
  • Editing: Matyas Veress
  • Music:
  • Sound: Vytis Puronas
  • Production design: Laura Dislere