Nordic Shorts 3: Who Talks? 

Who gets to talk and whose opinions matter? Stories about motherhood, sorrow and guilt.

Baby Mommy

On a stage shaped like a bathtub, Sonja struggles to put on an entertaining show for her baby in the role of a caring parent. But, is it the baby or herself she’s trying to convince?

Director: Lina Vain Illalla
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Duration: 9 min
Ikki illa meint

Elinborg accidentally runs into her friend Marita at the grocery store. The conversation is civil yet slightly awkward, as Elinborg has forgotten Marita´s birthday. After a timide hug, they both return to their shopping. However, something is nagging Marita, who decides to corner her friend and ask if Elinborg has blocked her on Facebook? Soon the grocery store turns into a nightmarish maze, as Marita desperately tries to find out, why she has “lost a friend”.

Director: Andrias Høgenni
Country: Denmark
Year: 2018
Duration: 22 min

Aron is trying his best to cope with life. In search of serenity, he imitates male stereotypes and dives into all the cliches of the material world. However, underneath all the perfect appearance, lies something tragic and unexpected.

Director: Magnús Leifsson
Country: Iceland
Year: 2018
Duration: 14 min
The Green Valley

The short film essay based on three real life events from Torshovdalen in Oslo investigates the connection between a man who died setting himself on fire in May 2014, and the installation of a 7 meter tall bronze sculpture entitled No Name the week after.

Orig. title: Den Grønne Dalen
Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Country: Norway
Year: 2018
Duration: 25 min
Who Talks

The new refugee home for children is being discussed at a public council meeting. Two people standing on opposite sides try to get heard. Who Talks raises questions about whose opinions actually matter and what creates polarization.

Orig. title: Ingen lyssnar
Director: Elin Övergaard
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Duration: 15 min