Next Level Shorts 

Embark on a meditative trip around the world with surprising Finnish short films. This rousing union of film and art won’t let the viewer off the hook easily.

Under the Lake

As a mountainous village in Greece sinks under the lake, the memories of its inhabitants emerge from the water.

Orig. title: Κάτω από τη Λίμνη
Director: Thanasis Trouboukis
Country: Greece, Finland
Year: 2022
Duration: 17 min
Producer: Thanasis Trouboukis, Danai Anagnostou, Kyveli Short
Production: Kenno Filmi Osk
Screenplay: Thanasis Trouboukis
Cinematography: Konstantinos Koukoulios
Editing: Yannis Chalkiadakis
Sound: Leandros Dounis
Travel Exercises

Travel Exercises is a short film about dreams, the desire to travel and our ability to alter the reality through imagination.

Orig. title: Matkustusharjoituksia
Director: Elena Näsänen
Country: Finland
Year: 2022
Duration: 10 min
Producer: Elena Näsänen
Screenplay: Elena Näsänen
Cinematography: Elena Näsänen
Editing: Elena Näsänen
Sound: Anne Tolkkinen
Starring: Eevi Rola, Myrsky Ylänen
Preludi Op. 28 nro 2

During a single long shot, we see two people taking turns playing the piano and listening alternately. The piece is the same on both times – Preludi Op. 28 No. 2 by Chopin – but when the performer changes, the interpretation of the song changes along with the perspective from which the song and its performance are viewed.

Director: Jenni Toikka
Country: Finland
Year: 2022
Duration: 8 min
Producer: Jenni Toikka
Screenplay: Jenni Toikka
Cinematography: Ville Piippo
Editing: Sampo Siren
Sound: Kasperi Laine
Starring: Seidi Haarla, Meri Nenonen

Photosphere revolves around the connection between a Hollywood studio film laboratory and a solar observatory during the era of celluloid filmmaking. It portrays Sara Martin, a solar astronomer who used film as research material up until the end of the 1990’s when it was abandoned for digital video. Photosphere combines archival footage from the film laboratory (Pathé Laboratories in Hollywood Hills) with the film footage Martin and her colleagues shot of the sun, as well as shots of the astronomer setting up her solar telescope in her garden.

Director: Minna Långström
Country: Finland
Year: 2021
Duration: 16 min
Producer: Minna Långström
Screenplay: Minna Långström
Cinematography: Minna Långström
Editing: Minna Långström
Sound: Minna Långström
Starring: Sara Martin
Sketch for the Last Map

In the core of Sketch for the Last Map, overlapping translucent indoor and outdoor spaces relate to the multi-layered and placeless world in our digital era. Many faces of cities – private spaces, less “public” realities, cleared, restricted or fenced off out of sight – stay excluded from maps and the stream of images. The work was shot in several cities in Belgium, South Korea, India, France, Turkey and Uruguay.

Director: Lauri Astala
Country: Finland, Finland
Year: 2022
Duration: 13 min
Producer: Lauri Astala
Screenplay: Lauri Astala
Cinematography: Lauri Astala
Editing: Lauri Astala
Sound: Lauri Astala