Never Again (2018)

There are unlikely starting positions, and then there are utterly impossible starting positions. Rapper Mercedes Bentso’s ascent from a life of drugs with a violent man to a recording artist stirs up both admiration and protective instincts.

Never Again is Aino Suni’s first feature-length documentary film. It follows the eventful life of Linda-Maria Roine, a.k.a. Mercedes Bentso, for a span of several years. Roine hoists herself up from a druggy slumber to work on a record with a vapid group of producers who try to dictate how her record should sound. The men in Roine’s life mistreat her by default, that is until she meets Janne, who is serving a life sentence for murder. The film’s portrayal of women, mothers and daughters, as well as the female rappers showing each other support in a male-dominated industry, is particularly touching.

A speck of blue sky shines through a bubble-shaped shopping mall window, and Linda-Maria Roine gradually grows into an artist more and more determined and aware. Eminem’s tribulations in 8 Mile pale in comparison as Roine prevails and takes the stage in a miniskirt to rap about domestic violence and self-loathing to an audience of mostly men.

Translation: Maija Vikman

Director Aino Suni and rap artist Mercedes Bentso will be present at the screening on 28 September at Andorra at 20.45.

  • Orig. title: Ei koskaan enää
  • Language: Finnish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Tuffi Films
  • Cinematography: Mikko Parttimaa, Aino Suni
  • Editing: Jussi Sandhu