National Competition 5 

From Matti with Love

It’s midsummer in a Finnish small town of Imatra near the Russian border. Matti, a lonely 54-year old man, meets a Russian transwoman Masha. When the glittering night falls, Matti has to face the complex consequences of his fake life.

Director: Jarno Lindemark
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
Duration: 18 min
Producer: Patrik Sigmundt (Kaiho Republic), Eero Tammi (Ragdoll Film Productions)
Production: Kaiho Republic & Ragdoll Film Productions
Screenplay: Jarno Lindemark
Cinematography: Janne Häkkinen
Editing: Eero Tammi
Production design: Sanna-Mari Pirkola
Pukusuunnittelu: Emmi Leeve
Sound: Jarkko Kela
Starring: Rain Tolk, Petteri Pennilä, Tarja Heinula, Sampo Sarkola, Otso Kangasaho
Last Day in Cairo

The film portrays the events of a single day in Cairo of 1954, as they unfold through the personal story of the now 97-years-old Jacques Motola. Through present-day conversations with his granddaughter, his memories of past reveal the story of an aging artist and still somewhat a man of mystery.

Director: Haidi Motola
Country: Finland, Israel
Year: 2018
Duration: 29 min
Producer: Haidi Motola
Production: Haidi Motola
Screenplay: Haidi Motola
Cinematography: Haidi Motola
Editing: Haidi Motola
Production design: Haidi Motola
Sound: Daniel Motola
Music: Leipzig String Quartet
Starring: Jacques Motola, Haidi Motola
Still Lives

Still Lives is an experimental stop motion animation starring traditional figurines from folk art from various times and places. Accompanied by a soundtrack of narrators facing the pressures of modern life, these characters explore the theme of busy stillness from different points of view in seven separate scenes: a couple on an antique bridal box breaks up, turning into tinder; an ancient statue in a glass showcase grows tired of hearing about the dynamic potential of shared workspaces, and the runner on a clay jar is stuck in a never-ending workout session.

Director: Elli Vuorinen
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
Duration: 6 min
Producer: Terhi Väänänen
Production: Pyjama Films Oy
Screenplay: Elli Vuorinen
Cinematography: Elli Vuorinen
Editing: Elli Vuorinen
Production design: Elli Vuorinen
Pukusuunnittelu: Elli Vuorinen
Sound: Jani Lehto
Music: Jani Lehto
Starring: Yukako Sakai, Dante Mutashar, David Aubin, Xavier Richerd, Coralie Nguyen Phuc, Wilson Nuckols, Sirkka Lukka
A Chamber Play

The psychoanalyst Helena receives a new patient, Alice. But the story Alice is telling gets uncomfortably close to Helena’s own life.

Director: Viktor Granö
Country: Finland
Year: 2018
Duration: 19 min
Producer: Viktor Granö
Production: Ab Ljud och bild
Screenplay: Viktor Granö
Cinematography: Jonatan Sundström
Editing: Viktor Granö
Production design: Sattva-Hanna Toiviainen
Pukusuunnittelu: Anna Sinkkonen
Sound: Ville Katajala
Music: Viktor Granö
Starring: Stina Rautelin, Emelie Wallberg, Pekka Strang, Andrea Björkholm
Untitled (burned rubber on asphalt, 2018)

In a remote Norwegian village the weaving roads have become the subject of controversy. Assuming the role of detective, the documentary investigates the bewildering phenomena of car skid marks and their mysterious appearance. Winding, looping, curving, the hypnotising patterns reveal unexpected frictions in the village. Some brand the skid marks as an irresponsible and dangerous act, while others view the mesmerizing marks as a form of art.

Director: Tinja Ruusuvuori
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
Duration: 20 min
Producer: Marja Pihlaja
Production: Aalto University, ELO Film School Finland
Cinematography: Pietari Peltola
Editing: Inka Lahti
Sound: Juuso Oksala