National Competition 2 


A portrait of a solitary man and his paternal love for snakes.

Director: Hanna Hovitie
Country: Finland, Hungary
Year: 2019
Duration: 17 min
Producer: Attila Kékesi
Production: DocNomads
Screenplay: Hanna Hovitie
Cinematography: Daniel Donato
Editing: Hanna Hovitie
Sound: Roope Mantere
Silent as Murderers

Two best friends, Minna and Ina, are spending their last summer together, working as gardeners. In the night, they visit other people’s houses while the residents are sleeping. However, the summer is soon over, and in the autumn Ina will move away.

Director: Lauri-Matti Parppei
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
Duration: 16 min
Producer: Ilona Tolmunen
Production: MADE
Screenplay: Lauri-Matti Parppei
Cinematography: Mikko Parttimaa
Editing: Dimitri Okulov
Production design: Nanna Hirvonen
Pukusuunnittelu: Kaisa Pohjola
Sound: Tiia Vestola
Music: Lauri-Matti Parppei
Starring: Maaria Nuoranne, Ella Lymi
The Match

Once upon a time on a tennis court. Two middle aged women, one hour match. One wants desperately to win and the other is afraid of competing. Will the breathing exercises be of any help?

Director: Pia Andell
Country: Finland
Year: 2018
Duration: 15 min
Producer: Pia Andell
Production: Of Course My Films
Screenplay: Pia Andell
Cinematography: Antti Ruusuvuori
Editing: Antony Bentley
Production design: Marjaana Rantama
Pukusuunnittelu: Pia Andell
Sound: Kirsi Korhonen
Music: Timo Hietala
Starring: Nina Hukkinen, Milka Ahlroth, Marc Gassot
Mother and Milk

Mother and Milk describes the mental process of becoming a parent – imagined as a catastrophe film. When the baby is born the new mother has to give up the life she knew. A flood of breast milk covers everything – her home, work, friends, relationship and a good night’s sleep. Only after realizing she is a part of the eternal chain of generations, Mother is able to accept the situation and start living her new life in the family.

Director: Ami Lindholm
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
Duration: 10 min
Producer: Ami Lindholm
Production: Osuuskunta Paperihattu
Screenplay: Ami Lindholm
Editing: Ami Lindholm
Animaatio: Sanni Lahtinen
Sound: Jani Lehto
Music: Väinö Sipilä
Starring: Heljä Heikkinen, Antti LJ Pääkkönen, Carla Rindell (voice actors)
A Target

Who films who? A shopping trip gets an unexpected ending, when two utterly unknown men take their measure with social media videos rather than fists.

Director: Antti Heikki Pesonen
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
Duration: 8 min
Producer: Miia Haavisto
Production: Tekele Productions Oy
Screenplay: Antti Heikki Pesonen
Cinematography: Aarne Tapola
Editing: Hanna Kuirinlahti
Production design: Sasu Joutsi
Pukusuunnittelu: Henna-Riikka Taskinen
Sound: Mika Niinimaa
Music: Antti Pouta
Starring: Hannes Suominen, Max Ovaska, Iida-Maria Heinonen, Kreeta Salminen, Milena Argillander, Samuli Niittymäki
To Feel Alive

Four friends are considering the great issues of life as the entrance examinations of the Theater Academy are approaching.

Director: Milja Härkönen
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
Duration: 26 min
Producer: Tuukka Vartiainen
Production: Aalto University, ELO Film School Finland
Cinematography: Iris Kärkkäinen
Editing: Heli Kota
Sound: Tatu Viitanen