My Sunny Maad (2021)

Disillusioned with mediocre Czech men, Helena (voiced by Zuzana Stivínova) fell for Nazir (Haji Gul Asir) the moment she set eyes on him. But as a western woman marrying an Afghan man and moving to post-Taliban Kabul, she must embrace fundamental changes to her life, starting with her name – in Afghanistan she is Herra, and her status as a wife is subordinate to her husband at all times. A winning combination of gorgeous 2D animation and an involving storyline will ensure that My Sunny Maad should appeal to animation fans and beyond following its premiere in competition at Annecy.

Wendy Ide, Screen Daily

Helmer Pavlátová, an Oscar-nominee for her 1991 cel-animated short Words, Words, Words, cannily uses the medium to depict the deep emotion and bitter humor of the story. For instance, the stylized, piquant images of women throwing off their burqas and riding on skateboards, hair blowing in the wind, captures the feeling of exhilaration felt by Herra and Roshangol, when she brings the latter to school for the first time.

Alissa Simon, Variety

  • Language: English, Czech
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Totem Films
  • Editing: Evzenie Brabcová
  • Music: Evgueni Galperine, Sacha Galperine
  • Sound: Régis Diebold