Midnight Stories 

Children obsessed by Satan at a Christian summer camp, a man, a woman and a meat grinder, childhood traumas and pressures to lose virginity. Bedtime stories for the bravest.

Children of Satan

Louise (11) and Maria (11) make friends at a Christian summer camp. They are asked to take extra care of a new girl, Erna, and soon realise she is a bit different. They conclude that she must be obsessed by Satan. A story about the need of two young girls to belong; their lively imagination; and how that combination has a fatal outcome.

Orig. title: Satans Barn
Director: Thea Hvistendahl
Country: Norway
Year: 2019
Duration: 23 min
Sh_t Happens

The caretaker exhausted of everything. His frustrated wife. Totally depressed deer. Their mutual despair leads them to some absurd events, because shit happens all the time.

Director: Michaela Mihalyi
Country: Czech Republic, France, Slovakia
Year: 2019
Duration: 14 min

A man, a woman and a meat grinder. Love is messy.

Director: Robin Jensen
Country: Norway
Year: 2019
Duration: 11 min
Boy Gets Eaten

A boy is pressured to lose his virginity, and now his childhood trauma will no longer be ignored.

Director: Sebastian Lagerkvist
Country: Norway
Year: 2018
Duration: 25 min
Bad Hair

Insecure and balding Leo has closed himself in his apartment to try hair growth liquid for fixing up his looks. The liquid causes a series of grotesque metamorphoses with his skin and hair and as Leo tries to get his bodily changes under control the evening quickly turns into chaos.

Orig. title: Karv
Director: Oskar Lehemaa
Country: Estonia
Year: 2019
Duration: 15 min