Mikrobi ja Gasoliini (2015)

The screening on Sep 26th at 9:30 is mostly for school groups and the ticket office is not open at Orion at that time.

Microbe and Gasoline is an honest, exuberant ode to adolescence that crackles with creativity, heart and originality. Director Michel Gondry, whose whimsy often gets the better of him, shows great restraint in this story of childhood friends Daniel (Ange Dargent) and Theo (Theophile Baquet), known as Microbe and Gasoline, respectively. The two set off on a summertime adventure across France in a house on wheels they build themselves out of scrap parts.
The set-up is pure Gondry, the filmmaker and music video whiz whose fantastical imagination bends reality into a daydream. […] Packed with wit and warmth, Microbe and Gasoline is a minor key showstopper. It’s proof you don’t always need a huge fireworks display, sometimes a bottle rocket and a few sparklers will do the trick.

Adam Graham, The Detroit News

  • Orig. title: Microbe et Gasoil
  • Language: French
  • Subtitles: Finnish
  • Distribution: Espoo Ciné International Film Festival
  • Cinematography: Laurent Brunet
  • Editing: Elise Fievet