Madeline’s Madeline (2018)

“The third mesmerising, teeth-setting feature from writer-director Josephine Decker opens with what could pass for a cod-Buddhist mantra as the film’s troubled teenage heroine (Helena Howard) purrs and picks her way into the dining room before flopping prone onto the furniture. Her mother (Miranda July) plays along by stroking the girl as cat. This is an acting exercise for Madeline’s experimental theatre group, a troupe overseen by the overbearing, plummy Evangeline (Molly Parker). Perhaps. Madeline’s Madeline consistently blurs the line between art and madness, reality and fantasy.”

Tara Brady, The Irish Times

“In the third feature from maverick American film-maker Josephine Decker, a medicated 16-year-old theatre student named Madeline (Helena Howard, an arresting debut) finds herself in an increasingly unstable headspace as her overbearing acting teacher Evangeline (Molly Parker) provokes her for the sake of performance. Her mother (a convincingly wobbly Miranda July) attempts to intervene; no such luck as Madeline spins further into her own private chaos, as emphasised by cinematographer Ashley Connor’s increasingly feverish camerawork and woozy, Vaseline-smeared lens.”

Simran Hans, The Guardian


  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: N/A
  • Distribution: Visit Films
  • Cinematography: Ashley Connor
  • Editing: Josephine Decker, Harrison Atkins
  • Music: Caroline Shaw
  • Production design: Charlotte Royer