Kelet (2020)

Journalist Susani Mahadura’s first feature film makes history. Kelet is the first Finnish film that centers on a transgender person of color. Tens across the board, this voice has been missed!

Riikka Pennanen

Susani Mahadura’s Kelet is a tiny little movie with a big heart and a whole lot of sparkle. That’s not to say it’s all about some eye-catching attire (though the frocks surely don’t disappoint), as its titular heroine, born in Finland and raised in Manchester, certainly keeps her shapely head high even though it doesn’t always come easy. Kelet is a black, transgender woman dreaming of a modelling career – and some people just don’t seem to like it.

Marta Bałaga, Cineuropa

The screening is part of the Pulpettikino selection and targeted only for the local school groups.

  • Language: English, Finnish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Baba Lybeck Productions Oy
  • Cinematography: Anton Thompson-Coon
  • Editing: Sandra Itäinen
  • Music: Benjamin Lehti
  • Sound: Benjamin Lehti