Junk Head (2021)

”A One-man band work of deranged brilliance! Monumental will and imagination at work.”

Guillermo del Toro

“His sublime passion and madness for creation gives us a glimpse into the origin of creation.”

Hideo ”70% of my body is made of movies” Kojima

“Director, producer, screenplay, voices, cinematographer, camera op, sculpting, puppets, lighting, animation…there’s probably no credit category on this film that Takahide Hori’s name doesn’t appear. “Labor of love” doesn’t quite cover it.”


  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Cinema Mondo
  • Cinematography: Takahide Hori
  • Editing: Takahide Hori
  • Music: Takahide Hori
  • Sound: Takahide Hori
  • Production design: Takahide Hori