Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (2019)

Well, that was different! At some point in the future, Tallinn, in Estonia, has become a megalopolis managed by computer program Psychobook. But Psychobook is under attack from a virus known as the Soviet Union, whose existence inside Psychobook is represented by an avatar in a Stalin mask.

To repair the damage and get to the bottom of what is going on, CIA agents Palmer Eldritch (Augustín Mateo) and DT Gagano (Daniel Tadesse) must enter Psychobook, engage with Stalin and eliminate the virus.

Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway reboots the genre by both using and subverting its conventions.

Yes, it is mad, surreal even, apparently lacking in any logic. But stick with it. There is logic. All is revealed. In the end.


Is it?

Jane Fae,

  • Orig. title: Jesús te muestra el camino a la autopista
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: N/A
  • Distribution: Lanzadera Films
  • Print source: Lanzadera Films
  • Cinematography: Michal Babinec, Erik Põllumaa, Israel Seoane
  • Editing: Velasco Broca
  • Music: Bill Dixon, Atomizador
  • Sound: Artis Dukalskis
  • Production design: