In the Aisles (2018)

Sandra Hüller is the German actress who found world-cinema stardom on account of her performance in the black comedy Toni Erdmann; now she makes a very stylish appearance […] in this utterly engrossing and richly humane workplace drama In the Aisles, from Thomas Stuber.

Franz Rogowski (who was in Sebastian Schipper’s one-take robbery thriller Victoria, [HIFF 2015]) plays Christian, a quiet, watchful guy who has just started work in a gigantic cash-and-carry megastore. […] Christian keeps himself to himself, and is keen to cover up evidence of a more delinquent past […].Hüller is Marion, who works on the confectionery section […]. She takes a distinct shine to Christian, and he to her. As Bruno [Peter Kurth] says gleefully to Christian: “You’re forklifting like a lunatic because you’re in love!”

In the Aisles is a movie on that overwhelmingly important but rarely filmed subject: work. […]The functional, unpersonalised area of office or factory or shopfloor is where many or most spend their days, and some people […] are not-so-secretly in love with the workplace as an arena of freedom, where the messy entanglements of domestic life can be left behind. […] The amusing and entertaining thing about In the Aisles is that it is, in its way, a love letter to the vast, mysterious and strangely beautiful cathedral that is the vast retail warehouse where Marion, Bruno and Christian work. […] In the Aisles is a poignant and richly sympathetic film.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

  • Orig. title: In den Gängen
  • Language: German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Beta Cinema
  • Cinematography: Peter Matjasko
  • Editing: Kaya Inan