Hear Me Roar, Shortly 

Stories of courage, marginalization and finding your own voice

In the Frame

Most of the people know Oxana, a trans woman from Chisinau, as a man. Fearing complete rejection from society, she is forced to lead a double life. When her cross-dressing friend was invited to DJ at a local queer party, Oxana decided to attend the event for the first time.

Director: Ion Gnatiuc, Artiom Zavadovsky
Country: France, Germany, Moldova, Romania
Year: 2018
Duration: 17 min
Juck (Thrust)

Juck (literally Hump) is the dance group that made its breakthrough in a 2013 viral video, where they pushed the limits for how the female body is allowed to express itself and make a statement. Since then they have ‘humped’ all over the world. A film that swings between documentary, dance and fiction asks the question, “What is femininity?”

Director: Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert, Ulrika Bandeira
Country: Sweden
Year: 2018
Duration: 17 min
My Gay Sister

A relationship between two sisters is put to the test when a new role model appears for the younger sister Cleo. In the center of attention is the biggest question: How do you know that you’re in love and are there any shortcuts to the answer? A drama about the ability to create trust.

Orig. title: Min homosyster
Director: Lia Hietala
Country: Norway, Sweden
Year: 2017
Duration: 15 min
Our Skin

A late night call takes an unexpected turn when two unlikely strangers, a transgender woman of color and a veteran, gain the courage to be intimate with one another. Between gender, sexuality and post-traumatic stress disorder, their fleeting encounter unveils deeper truths about alienation and the human need to connect. Our Skin is a hybrid documentary structured with a real audio recording.

Director: Joao Queiroga
Country: Portugal
Year: 2016
Duration: 17 min
Prisoner of Society

Prisoner of Society is an intimate journey into the world and mind of a young transgender woman trapped between personal desire for freedom and traditional expectations of her parents amid the growing tensions provoked by LGBT politics in Georgia. Focused on family, members of which reveal hidden fears, hopes and motives, the film connects the seemingly separate realities and poses the question – what it means to be a stranger in your own home and country.

Director: Rati Tsiteladze
Country: Georgia, Latvia
Year: 2017
Duration: 15 min