Happy Bubble: Wonder Moms 

Stories about wonderful, horrible, wise and neurotic mothers and their joys and sorrows. These short films celebrate mother’s day and all kinds of mothers.
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Annika makes a desperate attempt to rescue her daughter from isolating in her room and skipping school. However, Annika’s feelings take over and the situation escalates into something ugly.

Orig. title: Mamman
Director: Farzad Farzaneh
Country: Sweden
Year: 2020
Duration: 8 min
Producer: Martina Stöhr, Petra Jönsson
Production: Kärnfilm
Screenplay: Farzad Farzaneh, Jesper Cederstrand
Cinematography: Christian Haag
Starring: Tanja Lorentzon, Naemi de Paula Bjuhr, Agnes Cowling von Geijer
Nuclear Family

18-year-old Jules reluctantly spends his holidays in the naturist campsite of his childhood. He is torn between his attraction for the beautiful Karim, a seasonal worker on the textile beach, and dealing with his depressed mother Adèle, who refuses to let him grow up.

Orig. title: Famille nucléaire
Director: Faustine Crespy
Country: Belgium
Year: 2020
Duration: 19 min
Producer: Marine Festré
Production: Iris Films
Screenplay: Faustine Crespy
Cinematography: Laetitia de Montalembert
Editing: Bertrand Conard
Production design: Luc Noël
Sound: Aline Gavroy
Music: Loïc Le Foll
Make-up: Saori Matsui
Starring: Louka Minnella, Catherine Grosjean, Lohen Van Houtte, Syrus Shahidi
To the Dusty Sea

Malo and Zoe are trying their best to catch their absent-minded mother’s elusive eye.

Orig. title: À La Mer Poussière
Director: Héloïse Ferlay
Country: France
Year: 2020
Duration: 12 min
Production: EnsAD - École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
Screenplay: Héloïse Ferlay
Cinematography: Charlotte Neri
Editing: Héloïse Ferlay
Production design: Hugo Chapelon
Costume design: Héloïse Ferlay
Animation: Héloïse Ferlay, Gwendal Stephan
Sound: Antoine Martin
Music: Antonin Tardy

An honest and very personal insight into the world of an overwhelmed mother, who seriously thought that parental leave would become a sort of a sabbatical for her.

Orig. title: Wochenbett
Director: Henriette Rietz
Country: Germany
Year: 2020
Duration: 5 min
Producer: Henriette Rietz
Production: Herzette
Screenplay: Henriette Reitz
Animation: Henriette Reitz
Sound: David Kemp
Super Comfort

Taina (52) is preparing a perfect weekend with the family, since her son Eetu (23) is visiting with his girlfriend Noora. Nothing goes as planned. The more Taina tries to entertain everyone, the less comfortable they feel.

Director: Kirsikka Saari
Country: Finland
Year: 2018
Duration: 14 min
Producer: Sanna Kultanen
Production: Tuffi Films
Screenplay: Kirsikka Saari
Cinematography: Päivi Kettunen F.S.C.
Editing: Jan Forsström
Production design: Roosa Marttiini
Costume design: Roosa Marttiini
Sound: Lotta Mäki
Starring: Tiina Pirhonen, Eero Saarinen, Paavo Kinnunen, Misa Lommi, Pirjo Lonka
Are you hungry?

A single mother struggles to connect with her adopted teenage son, who she believes is gay. Worried that the vulnerable boy will fall victim to older men preying on young boys online, she takes it upon herself to guide him safely through this period of self-exploration by setting him up on a date.

Director: Teemu Niukkanen
Country: Finland
Year: 2019
Duration: 12 min
Producer: Daniel Kuitunen
Production: Elokuvayhtiö Komeetta
Screenplay: Antti Toivonen
Cinematography: Aarne Tapola
Editing: Joona Louhivuori
Production design: Maria Hulkkonen
Costume design: Kata Launonen
Sound: Pontus Borg
Make-up: Kata Launonen
Starring: Pirjo Lonka, Matvei German, Tommi Korpela