Full of Love – Escape from a Deep Freeze (2018)

A woman walks in front of a transfixed audience, drops a white scarf behind her and stares off into the distance. Even though the number has only started, the strong charisma of Bettie Blackheart—Finland’s perhaps best-known burlesque artist—leads the audience amidst winter and snow. She lures even director Iina Terho under her hypnotic spell. As clothes start to come off and the icy figure melts into a wild summer, Terho becomes equally hopeful; maybe burlesque could warm her as well.

Full of Love is a combination of autobiography and Finnish burlesque. It’s a story of personal growth, but also a study of inhibitions and gender—of everything that has accumulated over the years and open for examination through burlesque. When Petra Innanen a.k.a. Bettie Blackheart guides Terho, the audience can rest assured that glimpses of both Finnish and foreign stars, from Erochica Bamboo to Satan’s Angel, can be caught during the journey.

Terho and Bettie Blackheart take us through lessons and to the set of the Helsinki Burlesque Festival. When the festival’s final applauses roar it should finally become clear why burlesque is about so much more than naked bodies.

Translation: Maija Vikman

Director Iina Terho and the production team will be present at the screenings on 21 September at Korjaamo Kino Kulmasali at 20.45, and at Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali at 21.00.

  • Orig. title: Full of Love – pakomatka pakastimesta
  • Language: English, Finnish
  • Subtitles:
  • Distribution: Sydänfilmi Oy
  • Cinematography: Arttu Peltomaa, Iina Terho
  • Editing: Okku Nuutilainen