Finnish Animation Gems 

New animation from Finland / total running time approx. 62 min / K16

Radio Dolores

Katariina Lillqvist
Finland / 2016 / 18 min

A puppet animation documentary about the everyday lives of shoe factory workers in 1930s Tampere. It tells the story of stove room rebels, the illegal radio transmitters of cold attics and shoemaker Arvo who disappeared in the Spanish Civil War.


Reetta Neittaanmäki & Erika Weiste
Finland / 2017 / 12 min

The animation documentary examines memory processes via the recollections of four interviewees. What are the memories that linger and what kinds of memories are revived, when a person is requested to tell their life story freely, without being directed towards any subjects or themes?

Voodoo Rites

Finland / 2016 / 8 min

Teeth like tombstones.

Au Pair

Tatu Pohjavirta, Mark Ståhle
Finland / 2017 / 13 min / Indie Films

A young woman becomes an Au pair for a man who has made himself a family from cardboard.

Bring Your Child to Work

Riku Savikko, Vilma Väisänen, Jenni Nylander, Christina Lassheikki, Pauliina Parjanen, Jade Woods
Finland / 2017 / 7 min

A child comes home from school with a message to their parents about the Bring Your Child to Work -day. After a long wait with their dog, the parent finally arrives home — and takes the child to a rather different workplace tour.

Finland / 2017 / 4 min

The Zoo is tyrannized by alpha male monkey Donald.