Filmmaker in Focus: Jacqueline Lentzou 

Jacqueline Lentzou (Athens, 1989) is a writer/director whose cinematic language involves finding poetry in –seemingly- mundane premises and/or creating visual poetry through word and image association. She experiments with formats, duration and feelings.
Thematically her films revolve around unconventional family constructs, love (and the lack of it), loneliness and belonging.
She has directed shorts which have screened and won in numerous festivals, the most prestigious one being the Cine Leica Discovery Award in Cannes’ Semaine De La Critique (2018) for Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year.

Thirteen Blue

An intimate character study of a young teenage girl who tries to make sense of her surroundings by diving in her own world.

Director: Jacqueline Lentzou
Country: Greece, United Kingdom
Year: 2013
Duration: 18 min

Athens, Greece. A heatwave. Stephanos is working out listening to rap, while his mother is planning a day out. After another fight between them, he is left alone to take care of his two younger siblings and Lucy, their family dog. Lucy is sick.
Summery laziness among pizza boxes, adolescent flirt and a phone that stays unanswered. What will dramatically change their day is Lucy’s death. Yet, more changes are in store for the three siblings and they will be revealed to them when Stephanos picks up the phone. It was the last care-free day of their lives.

Orig. title: Alepou
Director: Jacqueline Lentzou
Country: Greece
Year: 2016
Duration: 29 min

In Jay’s dream, Athens’ sun is so weak, you can look straight at it, without getting blind.

Director: Jacqueline Lentzou
Country: Greece
Year: 2017
Duration: 11 min
Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year

New Year’s eve dawns in a moon-kissed car, and Sofia has a dream that she tells no-one: while walking on a desert, she gets to know that she is sick. She pretends she does not care. Has she lost her heart?

Orig. title: Ektoras Malo: I Teleftea Mera Tis Chronias
Director: Jacqueline Lentzou
Country: Greece
Year: 2018
Duration: 15 min
The End of Suffering (a proposal)

Sofia is panicky, again. The Universe decides to contact her. An other-wordly dialogue. A planet symphony for Mars, where people dream awake and fight for love.

Director: Jacqueline Lentzou
Country: Greece
Year: 2020
Duration: 14 min