Filmlab X Love & Anarchy shorts 

The FilmLab -screening, aimed at 15-25 year olds, is followed by a discussion with the director of Night Child, Sanna Lenken. Kelaamo FilmLab –screenings are produced by, a film community for young people.


While living in a syrian bomb shelter, Amal and her two sisters make the best of their difficult circumstances. When Amal finds a piece of gold while exploring her battle-scarred surroundings, the consequences of her discovery reveal the fragile nature of their situation.

Director: Abbe Hassan
Country: Sweden
Year: 2017
Duration: 19 min
Night Child

Based on a graphic novel by Hanna Gustafsson, this is a film about 14-year-old Iggy, a girl who lives a parallel online life to avoid the everyday tedium. A story about identity, sexuality, borderland and friendship.

Orig. title: Nattbarn
Director: Sanna Lenken
Country: Sweden
Year: 2017
Duration: 39 min

Jaana and Bettan are 13 years old. The best of friends, they share an interest in wrestling. Jaana’s goal is for them to compete in the advanced group, and they are well on their way. But then Umut arrives on the scene and everything changes. As Umut is a boy, Bettan begins behaving differently, and Jaana is forced to mock her friend’s new motives to preserve their friendship.

Orig. title: Brottas
Director: Julia Thelin
Country: Sweden
Year: 2017
Duration: 8 min