Euthanizer (2017)

At times a black comedy, at other times relatively humorless, low-budget Finnish movie Euthanizer finds the titular misanthrope – an executioner of unwanted pets in a bleak rural hamlet – eventually driven to perform the same favor for their unlovable owners. It’s a theme animal rights activists might favor: Practically every character is an argument for mercy killing in this bilious tale […]. [R]esourcefulness and an offbeat perspective mark debuting feature writer-director Teemu Nikki (who also edits here) as a talent to watch.

The other two-legged being who invades Veijo’s space is Lotta (Hannamaija Nikander), a nurse at the local hospital where his elderly father lies dying. She assumes at first that the elder man’s suffering pains his son, when in fact Veijo has good reason to hope dad suffers as much as possible. Regardless, Lotta is strangely attracted to Veijo’s dark, prickly personality. She insistently pursues involvement, and in fact proves to have kinkier tastes than the village weirdo is fully prepared for.

Director Nikki grew up on a pig farm, so his portrait of rural life may be unkind, but it probably isn’t unfair. The script’s more grotesque aspects integrate well enough into a portrait of everyday life among the least-reputable citizens of a grime- avored community […].

Dennis Harvey, Variety

Producer Jani Pösö will be present at the screenings on 26 September at Kinopalatsi 5 at 20.45, and on 27 September at Kino Tapiola at 20.00.

  • Orig. title: Armomurhaaja
  • Language: Finnish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Finnkino
  • Cinematography: Sari Aaltonen
  • Editing: Teemu Nikki