Euphoria (2017)

Forming one of the most successful Swedish duos of recent times, Stockholm-born director and playwright Lisa Langseth and Gothenburg native actress Alicia Vikander have had an ongoing professional relationship for the past seven years. They started to collaborate in Pure (2010), which was the debut feature for both, and later in Langseth’s sophomore effort, Hotell [HIFF 2014]. Since then, Vikander has won an Academy Award for The Danish Girl ([2015] and launched her own production company, Vikarious.

After a long period apart, Emilie (Eva Green) reunites with her younger sister, Ines (Vikander), a photographer who lives in New York. They both embark on a trip to Europe that will involve an unexpected series of events. Emilie will ask her sister to join her at a secluded mansion ensconced deep in a forest. Upon their arrival, they will be welcomed by Marina (Charlotte Rampling), who runs the establishment and reveals that this is a place for those who want to enjoy a serene end to their lives. Terrified Ines learns from Emilie that she’s terminally ill and that she wants to spend the last remaining days of her life with her. This turn of events will lay bare the sisters’ relationship.

Vassilis Economou, Cineuropa

  • Orig. title: Euphoria
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles:
  • Distribution: Swedish Film Institute
  • Cinematography: Dino Jonsäter
  • Editing: Rob Hardy