Comrade, Where Are You Today ? (2016)

In summer 1988, [director Kirsi Marie Liimatainen] arrived at Wilhelm Pieck College near the Bogensee, a lake some 25 km north of East Berlin run by the Free German Youth (FDJ), a communist youth organisation. […] [T]he Soviet forces handed over the area to the East German youth organisation in 1946 |…]. Students from 80-odd countries studied there each year until the Wall came down in autumn 1989. Ms. Liimatainen’s year was the last one.

She was captivated and deeply impressed by the spirit of solidarity there on the Bogensee. She was curious and visited youth clubs and discotheques in East Berlin at weekends where she met young people who did not join the FDJ. She soon realised she was not in a workers’ paradise, and quickly came to understand why East Germans were protesting for the freedom to travel and to express their opinions.

The Wall fell, Germany reunited, the German Democratic Republic ceased to exist and the school closed. […] Although the communist bloc collapsed, Liimatainen remains convinced there must be an alternative to capitalism […]. The growing gap between rich and poor encouraged her to make a film about the old left, and what had happened to her fellow students. Where were they now, and what remained of their values and dreams?

C.G., The Economist

Director Kirsi Marie Liimatainen will be present at the screening on 24 September at Kinopalatsi 8 at 18.30.

  • Orig. title: Toveri, missä olet nyt?
  • Language: Arabic, English, Spanish, German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus
  • Cinematography: Yoliswa von Dallwitz, Christian Marohl, Till Vielrose, Hanno Kunow, Marc-Christian Weber
  • Editing: Jeannette-Maria Giza, Stefanie Kosik, Antti Tuomikoski