Chef Flynn (2018)

There’s a different, darker film lurking beneath the lusciously edible Food Network surface of Chef Flynn, and when director Cameron Yates lets it peek out from the gastroporn, like little chips of charcoal in a white chocolate mousse, you feel a slight jab in your gut. A largely celebratory portrait of one of the most wondrous wunderkinds ever to hit the American culinary scene, self-taught teenage chef Flynn McGarry, Yates’ film gives viewers every reason to believe the hype built up by glossy media profiles over the years – and lets them feel the sting of an online backlash that would get under the skin of even the most dauntless adolescent. But it’s as an ambiguous study of parenting a prodigy that the film lingers on the palate, as McGarry’s mother Meg documents and manages his evolution to an obsessive, gradually oppressive degree.

As a simple showcase of his bewilderingly advanced skills, […] Chef Flynn serves as a light, persuasive rejoinder to the skeptics – both in the restaurant industry and the dark netherworld of internet comment boards – that emerged with McGarry’s growing celebrity […]. Critically, we get to see the young chef crack drastically under pressure. It’d be hard to believe him, or this attractive, diverting film, if we didn’t, or if his family life was as neat as his plating style.

Guy Lodge, Variety

Culinary screening Sept. 27th
Film at cinema Kino Engel, dinner at restaurant Chapter.

Tickets 80 € (incl. film and dinner, drinks not included).
Normal price tickets for this screening are also available, without dinner.
Regular screenings on Sept. 22nd and 25th (normal priced).

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  • Language: English
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  • Distribution: NonStop Entertainment
  • Cinematography: Paul Yee
  • Editing: Hannah Buck