Charter (2020)

Stories of children in peril are always distressing, but when the cause of their distress is that they’ve been kidnapped by their own mother, there’s an additional layer of warped psychology and disturbing motives involved. Such is the case in Charter, the second feature from Swedish writer-director Amanda Kernell, whose 2016 debut, Sami Blood, accrued numerous international awards. The experience of witnessing the mother’s erratic, selfish and illegal behavior ranges from aggravating to quite upsetting, but this portrait of a woman unhinged is so detailed and emotionally credible that it ultimately challenges the viewer to confront the complexity of the situation.

Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

There’s a brittle, hungry quality to Dahl Torp’s excellent performance, a broken neediness which encroaches even on the happy moments. (…) Ultimately, what the film expresses beautifully in this sensitively-observed portrait of a shifting family dynamic is the fact that parenting is an imprecise science, that even with the best intentions people make mistakes and that, in a relationship breakdown, blame is rarely one-sided. 

Wendy Ide, Screen Daily

  • Language: English, Spanish, Swedish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Nordisk Film
  • Cinematography: Sophia Olsson
  • Editing: Anders Skov
  • Music: Kristian Eidnes Andersen
  • Sound: Brian Dyrby, Kristoffer Salting, Mira Elisabeth Falk
  • Production design: Sabine Hviid