Center Stage (1991)

International superstar Maggie Cheung (In the Mood for Love) embodies tragic screen siren Ruan Lingyu, known as the “Greta Garbo of China,” in this unconventional biopic by Hong Kong New Wave master Stanley Kwan.

Praised for her moving and emotive onscreen presence, Ruan’s private life, which was frequent fodder for the vicious Shanghai tabloids, began to mirror the melodramas which brought her fame, culminating in her suicide at age 24. Kwan and Cheung paint a kaleidoscopic yet intimate portrait of the ill-fated actress, deftly blending lush period drama, archival footage, and metatextual documentary sequences of Cheung reflecting on Ruan’s legacy. The result is, much like the films of Ruan Lingyu themselves, “tender, vivid and almost overwhelmingly moving” (Time Out).

Film Movement

The film is part of the Asian Cinerama programme in collaboration with Asian Film Awards Academy.

  • Orig. title: Ruan Ling Yu
  • Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Fortune Star
  • Cinematography: Hang-Sang Poon
  • Editing: Peter Cheung, Chuen-Tak Keung
  • Music: Johnny Chen, Thio Hugo-Panduputra
  • Sound: Yongyi Gu, Wai Hung Kwong, Xin Zhan
  • Production design: Silver Cheung, Sai-Wan Lau, Lai Pan
  • Costume design: Lai Pan