Call Mom! (2019)

Parents wait their entire lives for their children to say “Thank you!” and children, in turn, wait for an “I’m sorry!” This emotional deadlock is the premise of the comedy Call Mom! Niki is 35 but lives her life like a 25-year-old. All of a sudden she is forced to come to grips with all of her relationships and past choices in life at the same time.

Production notes

Aschan has stated in various interviews that the film would not have been possible without Sanna Sundqvist who shines in the lead role. The film might also not have been possible without Lena Dunham’s Girls, whose whimsical sense of humour Aschan’s romantic comedy is strongly reminiscent of.
However, Aschan is more successful than Dunham in the portrayal of minorities in supporting roles. Niki’s best friend (Evin Ahmad) is lesbian and her ex is played by the Scanian Alexander Karim, whose parents and director brothers were born in Uganda. The function of the characters, however, isn’t merely to represent minorities, rather, the characters seem carefully considered.
Mikko Pihkoluoma (translated by Sami Salo)

  • Orig. title: Ring mamma!
  • Language: Swedish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Swedish Film Institute
  • Cinematography: Linda Wassberg
  • Editing: Kristin Grundström
  • Music: Jon Ekstrand
  • Sound: Andreas Franck
  • Production design: Eva Torsvall