Boys Cry (2018)

Gomorrah comes to the Roman outskirts with a twist in the muscular Italian debut feature Boys Cry (La terra dell’abbastanza), from self-taught filmmaking twins Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo. After two best buddies without much hope for a future accidentally kill a pedestrian with their car, they end up becoming lowly hirelings for a local criminal clan. What sets this story of two smartass kids in the criminal underworld apart from many of its brethren is the brothers’ keen perception of the psychological and moral issues that inform the duo’s behavior, as they try to tame the pain of their unfortunate incident by turning what threatens to destroy them – namely, a killing – into the very thing that dominates their lives.

The D’Innocenzos display a fine grasp of cinematic language, frequently opting for what could be considered counterintuitive shots that heighten the scenes’ visceral impact. […] The confidence of the directors also extends to the way in which they play with references to other works of the genre, including not only Gomorrah but also works like the Godfather trilogy.

[Lead actors Andrea] Carpenzano, from the Ravenna area, and [Matteo] Olivetti […] are totally convincing as two down-and-out bros from the derelict Roman suburbs. Poisonous yellows and sickly greens dominate much of the saturated nighttime photography, while Toni Bruna’s jazzy, almost lazily paced score offers an unexpected counterpoint to the duo’s quick slide into a position from which no return might be possible.

Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

  • Orig. title: La terra dell’abbastanza
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: The Match Factory
  • Cinematography: Paolo Carnera
  • Editing: Marco Spoletini