Bombay Rose (2019)

Opening with a visually stunning scene that literally builds India’s biggest metropolis of Mumbai (Bombay) from rough sketch into fully realized and breathing city, Bombay Rose is a showcase of raw talent and the wonders of animation. (…) Few cities have looked as dazzling and full of life as Bombay Rose’s Mumbai, which is full of bright colors, exquisite attention to the smallest details in the city, and a large and diverse cast that makes the city feel lived-in.

Rafael Motamayor, Collider

Whatever color you’re imagining when you hear the title Bombay Rose, add a little more ruby to it. Indian animator Gitanjali Rao reportedly spent six years crafting this elaborately braided urban romance, and its every shade of turmeric, pomegranate and caramel looks to have been exactingly and exhaustively selected, as Rao builds and fills her Mumbai streetscapes with a patient painter’s eye. (In a most literal sense, too: The film has actually been painted frame by frame.) Even by the standards of artisan arthouse animation – a realm as far removed from Disney as mumblecore is from Marvel – it’s quite a vision.

Guy Lodge, Variety

  • Language: Hindi
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Cinestaan Film Company
  • Editing: Gitanjali Rao
  • Music: Cyli Khare, Yoav Rosenthal
  • Sound: P.M. Satheesh
  • Production design: Rupali Gatti