Blind Spot (2018)

Tuva Novotny’s impressive and unflinching debut documents every parent’s worst nightmare. Shot in two long takes, we witness the suicide attempt of the teenage schoolgirl Thea, and the reactions of her family, as they try to cope with something they cannot understand. The most used phrase returning again and again, is “that Tea was happy”. But when an unexpected catastrophe happens, everything about their life is called into question.

DoP Jonas Alarik treats the narrative like a documentary, there is nothing superfluous in his images, particularly the close-ups are impressive, as well as Maria’s ride in the ambulance, when she is trying to understand how this could have happened to her “happy” daughter. Anders might have given a little clue, reporting at the hospital that Thea told him when she was younger “Daddy, when I die. I turn into a lovely flower you can pick and put on to the window sill”.

A heart braking study of grief, flawlessly executed by Nowotny.

Meredith Taylor, Filmuforia

  • Orig. title: Blindsone
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Norwegian Film Institute
  • Print source: Norwegian Film Institute
  • Cinematography: Jonas Alarik
  • Editing:
  • Music: Jacob Kirkegaard
  • Sound: Peter Albrechtsen
  • Production design: Nina Bjerch-Andresen