Beanpole (2019)

Individuals in shock, a nation in shock, a movie in shock – and, by the end, in fact, its audience in shock. These are the states of mind to be experienced in this brutal and brilliant film by 27-year-old Russian director and co-writer Kantemir Balagov.

Beanpole is moving, disturbing, overwhelming.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

The slow, ferocious, and extraordinary second film from blazing 27-year-old Russian talent Kantemir Balagov can make you feel. You quite often have to remind yourself to breathe.

Jessica Kiang, Variety

War and peace, from a female perspective.

David Fear, The Rolling Stones

  • Orig. title: Дылда
  • Language: Russian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Wild Bunch
  • Cinematography: Ksenia Sereda
  • Editing: Igor Litoninski
  • Music: Evgueni Galperine
  • Sound: Rostislav Alimov
  • Production design: Sergey Ivanov