Short films by students of the Baltic Film and Media School / total running time approx. 56 min / K12

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The Death of a Government Clerk

Rebeka Rummel
Ametniku surm / Estonia / 2017 / 18 min

Ivan, a poor government clerk is desperately trying to remain invisible at work, but an accidental sneeze on a higher official turns the situation against him. The story shows us what endless paranoia and constant fear can do to a feeble human mind.

The Woman is to Blame

Sandra Kartau
Naine on süüdi / Estonia / 2017 / 17 min

After finishing one case, officer and his wife and secretary Leili Peterson begin to investigate a murder. Even the simplest piece of evidence would do for conviction. Leili finds out the motif of the murder, but does the murderer deserve death in turn? Only those who understand know the answer.

Recover connection

Tõnis Pill
Taasta side / Estonia / 2017 / 27 min

A young cop named Siim inflitrates into the criminal world to catch the main bad guy. During the operation Siim discovers that his own father is one of the bad guys. The operation takes a turn as father and son reconnect and old wounds are torn open.