Anerca, Breath of Life (2020)

The Inuit word anerca refers to the soul, the breath of life. For the indigenous cultures in the Arctic Circle, dance is a crucial medium for portraying the world.

Anerca, Breath of Life is a new film by award-winning Markku Lehmuskallio, who has co-created the film together with his son, Johannes Lehmuskallio.

Arttu Manninen

A narrative film about the world of people living in the Arctic, their situation as it is right now. The film progresses through the power of music, dance, performance and depiction of everyday life. Gaining your daily subsistence, the ordinary life is the central source for music and other kinds of self-expression. It is life itself breathing.

Finnish Film Catalogue

  • Language: Swedish, Finnish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus
  • Cinematography: Johannes Lehmuskallio, Markku Lehmuskallio
  • Editing: Markku Lehmuskallio, Johannes Lehmuskallio
  • Sound: Martti Turunen