Amatöörit (2018)

Using cellphones and selfie sticks, two high school girls document their declining provincial town in the loosely knit dramedy Amateurs, winner of the best Nordic film at [Gothenburg Film Festival 2018]. As in her prizewinning feature debut Eat Sleep Die, Swedish helmer Gabriela Pichler mixes social commentary and poignant humor and makes engaging use of affecting, non-pro performers. Setting the action against a backdrop of globalization and the evolving multicultural makeup of Europe, Pichler and co-screenwriter Jonas Hassen Khemeri (the acclaimed Swedish novelist and influential editorial writer) provocatively question the nature of images and the people who create them as well as assumptions made by Nordic Swedes about fellow citizens of color. […] [T]his energetic sophomore film […] takes as a given the changing face (and faces) of Sweden.

As with Eat Sleep Die, Pichler takes time to show the working class at work, making visible what is normally invisible on screen. […] The empathetic, naturalistic visuals of Pichler and her Eat Sleep Die cinematographer and co-editor Johan Lundborg capture the strong sense of community in a place like Lafors, from the rodeo-like atmosphere of the opening moments to evenings of karaoke and bowling at the local pub to the finale at the burg’s one and only cinema.

Alissa Simon, Variety

  • Orig. title: Amatörer
  • Language: Arabic, Bosnian, English, Kurdish, Swedish, German, Tamil
  • Subtitles: Finnish
  • Distribution: Kinoscreen Illusion
  • Cinematography: Johan Lundborg
  • Editing: Andreas Nilsson, Gabriela Pichler, Johan Lundborg