Always Amber (2020)

Amber is a 17-year-old teen. Together with best friend Sebastian, the two queer youngsters share a world far away from the judging eyes of society. When they are together, anything feels possible.

We get to hang out with Amber and Sebastian during this identity building period, when they share everything from dreams and parties to new friendships. But when Amber falls in love with Charlie, something starts to challenge their utopian world. Trust issues begin to emerge, and in the midst of it all Amber has to face going through their transition alone.

In Always Amber, we get a unique insight into a new generation.

Production notes

  • Orig. title: Alltid Amber
  • Language: Swedish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Reservoir Docs
  • Cinematography: Lia Hietala
  • Editing: Hannah Reinikainen, Lia Hietala, Anton Hemgren, Charlotte Landelius
  • Music: Shitkid
  • Sound: Fredrik Stålne