Ainbo – Amazonin rohkein tyttö (2021)

Ainbo is the story of a girl who was born and grew up in the deepest jungle of the Amazon in the village of Colonia. One day she discovers that her homeland is being threatened and realizes that there are other humans in the world besides her people. Using the help of her spirit guides, the skinny armadillo Dillo and the heavy-set tapir Vaca, she embarks on a journey to seek help from the most powerful Mother Spirit of the Amazon, Turtle Motelo Mama. As she fights to save her paradise against the greed and exploitation of logging and illegal mining, she struggles to reverse this destruction and the impending evil of the Yacaruna, the darkness that lives in the Amazon. Guided by her mother’s spirit, Ainbo is determined to save her land and save her people before it’s too late.

Production notes

The screening is part of the Pulpettikino selection targeted solely for local kindergarten and school groups.

  • Orig. title: Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon
  • Language: Finnish
  • Distribution: Cinemanse
  • Editing: Job ter Burg
  • Music: Vidjay Beerepoot
  • Sound: Peter Warnier